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APA SPCA Career Path

Regional/State Director

The APA SPCA is a relatively new and very unique organization. Although our roots are firmly planted in over 20 years experience in the pet industry, we are born in a new economy and changing world.

One important trait brought over from the American Pet Association is ethics. The APA SPCA always has and always will maintain the highest ethics. This is not as hard as some may believe. Our conviction to ethics is something all of our directors have lived and breathed for two decades.

Our employment and promotion structure is unique and follows our ethical guidelines. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be wasted on employees that don't measure up. Because of this we have adopted a promotion system for valuable employees. While some employees may be starting below their capabilities we provide a fast promotion system to compensate.

Quality employees who represent themselves honestly in their resumes and interviews will find a quick path to an incredible career. At the same time those who are not qualified or perhaps just not right for the position will find out quickly so that their time is not wasted as well as funds of the organization not being wasted.

The most important traits for a new APA SPCA employee are;

  • Passionate about making a difference and helping companion animals and their owners.
  • Understand the big picture. There are steps we have to take to reach every goal.
  • Be a "do what it takes" type of person. Seek solutions not excuses.
  • Be positive, cooperative and inspirational.
  • Be professional and communicative.
  • Desire, and seek out, constructive criticism and reviews in order to improve.

While we certainly value direct relatable experience, a person with the traits listed above is a welcome addition at the APA SPCA regardless of their experiences.

When you are approved to begin the Path to State Director, no other candidate will be considered for that position unless you do not meet guideline or qualification deadlines.  In some larger states there may be 2 directors.

Path to Regional/State Director

30 Day Friends and Family Fundraiser

It is strongly preferred that all candidates complete a 30 day fundraiser.

Time: 30 days minimum, 45 days maximum.

Become a successful Volunteer Coordinator

View Job Description here and Compensation Description here

  • Establish relationships with local schools and universities to recruit volunteers.
  • Maintain 20 to 30 active volunteers at all times.
  • Operate fundraising programs.
  • Recruit Volunteer Educators.
  • Establish community presence and relationships with 2 to 4 local veterinarians.
  • Find charitable needs within your community.
  • Abide by all program guidelines and organization ethics.
  • Communicate your positive ideas and experiences to your supervisor.

Compensation - Up to $42k

Time: 90 days minimum, 180 days maximum.

Become a successful Community Leader

Requirements: Minimum 3-6 months as successful Volunteer Coordinator

  • Conduct the duties of a Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Qualify as a Volunteer Educator Leader
  • Recruit and manage Volunteer Educators
  • Manage at least two successful Volunteer Coordinators in your state.
  • Conduct annual community activity or fundraiser.

Compensation - Up to $60k

Time: 90 days minimum, 180 days maximum.

Become a Regional/State Director

Requirements: Minimum 3-6 months as successful Community Leader

  • Conduct the duties of the Community Leader.
  • Hire, train and support Volunteer Coordinators and Community Leaders in your State.
  • Increase overall fund-raising and charitable activities in your state.

Compensation - Up to $98k

Minimum production is always required to receive compensation.
We do not waste donor funds!

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