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APA SPCA Certified Fundraiser Program

The APA SPCA offers a course and corresponding experience in fundraising that can be a valuable education and experience for anyone. This is especially beneficial for students seeking charity experience and useful skills for the future.

Our 30 Day Friends and Family Fundraiser is more than just sitting at a booth collecting money or helping out a little with manual labor. This program requires effort and skills such as;

·      Following specific directions

·      Creativity

·      Studying, learning and applying that knowledge in real life situations

·      Goal setting

·      Responsibility

·      Ethics

·      Motivation

·      Communication skills

·      Accounting and money handling

These are skills that are not only learned but practiced during the program and can be carried over into academics and real life.

Each participent is assigned to a Volunteer Coordinator or Community Leader who is available daily throughout the program to assist, motivate and insure success.

How it works:

The experience is broken up into two parts; the training course and practical experience. The course takes 30-45 days to complete.

The Training Course:

The APA SPCA Fundraising Training Course explains the need for fundraising and the ethical and effective ways of doing so. The course takes about 30 minutes to complete, with a test that takes an additional 15 minutes.

Practical Experience:

Each participant conducts an APA SPCA 30 Day Friends and Family Fundraiser. The participant must complete at least 4 of the following fundraising activities successfully.

·         Appropriate solicitation of friends and family

·         Effective use of the “Werner method” fundraising technique

·         Retail/grocery store fundraiser

·         Establishing a business partner

·         Active collection box deployment

The student is provided with extensive training and professional daily support.

Skills necessary throughout this program are as follows:

·         Initial coursework and completion of tasks such as volunteer agreement, volunteer bio, and submitting photo for bio and ID card.

·         Gaining knowledge of the organization they are representing

·         Goal setting

·         Daily logging of donations

·         Proper handling of supplies and receipt book

·         Good communications, especially with supervisor

·         Return of supplies after fundraiser

Successful candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion and Certification Card valid for 1 year.

Community Service Hours

The APA SPCA Certified Fundraiser Program can offer Community Service hours.  This program requires significant training in ethics, community relations and fundraising skills. The practical experience will be very beneficial to volunteers and the funds raised go to help people and pets in the community.

How hours are assigned, on average;  (Financially challenged areas may be adjusted.)

·      Training Course – 2 hours

·      Completing the Learning Center – 2 Hours

·      Retail Table Fundraisers – 4-8 hours/day

·      Friends and Family Fundraising - 2 minutes per dollar raised

·      Werner Method – 2 minutes per dollar raised

·      Fundraising event – Assessed per event

A typical 30 Day Friends and Family Fundraiser generates 20-30 hours of community service and can be extended for additional hours.

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